Friday, May 18, 2012



Ok mintak maaf banyak2 semua juga untuk diri sendiri seab semalam dah termiss nak update blog ni. Then malam ni promised will update two entries ya!

This entry goes to the wedding session.Oh not mine but a friend of mine k. She is my ex-secondary school mate and ex-classmate. The date was 05052012.It was quiet late to update about the wedding ceremony, but since the May had not yet passed, then i would like to share some pictures here.

Check it out!!!
 Not too much pictures but we were very happy after missing in action! hahahaha! Almost 8 years we were haven't see each other. How happy we were there even though we just arrived a few minutes before the party's end can be seen through out the pictures!

Me with Dr Tirah the bride of the day!

Us with The  Bride and The Groom.

Again : from left : soli, syikin me and farhan

Dr Tirah with Syiqin

change the position!! hahaha

Sweet right???

Oh what am i doing????

like the pictures..and the flower also..

farhan with The Bride

Me with syiqin

Soli's turn

Bekal siap bungkus ..daging kot

owh..belum sempat pose dah kena snap...kuang3

Done.Spoil mood nak update line macam hampeh.

Kita sambung lain kali ye.

Salam geram dari saya.


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