Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hectic January of Mine

It was already February but my January's story haven't finish yet...The January 2012 ends well and may it brings the better February of 2012.Ameen...

Continued with the holiday in means of being at home for quiet long after a hectic semester.Last semester i was in 8th semester of my bachelor study of mechanical engineering in Uitm Shah Alam and the semester suppose to be my last semester of study but then since the unexpected problems occurred, i do not have any choice unless extend my study to another semester. Sometimes i felt just want to end my study like this, sometimes i felt inferior thus lead to give up, but I am lucky to have a great wonderful super UMMI here back, besides, behind and in front of me when she reminds me to not lose hope, to not giving up, to not think too much and just finish my study besides worries about financial and what ever disturbance.Here just a small portion of rewards to my UMMI but it was sincerely from an ordinary daughter of a super mommy,THANK YOU ALLAH for this anugerah!!!!

Thank You for Everything UMMI!
And the entry goes to the BIG DAY of my brother!
Firstly and proudly says CONGRATULATIONS bro for the officially graduated then the name changes to KAPT AHMAD QURTUBI BIN ABDULLAH!

26th of January 
 We ( me and my family exclude sue and na) went to Shah Alam (ambik my car) then heading to TUDM Sg. Besi (my cousin's house).Before that we stopped by at Gombak for my little sister which is not so little' actually (haha:sorry angah).Then heading to TUDM accompanied with the heavily rained-day journey, then Alhamdulillah, the arrival was great with the rain-stopped.We are having the dinner specially served by the cousin's wife bounded with lots of food ( i like!banyak sgt makan sampai xsempat snap pics pon).

28th of January
The day come!Majlis Pengurniaan Watikah UPNM!
Let's the pictures story as don't have any ideas to write (malas sbenarnye). :)

Here we are without Na and adik( adik is sleeping in the car that time)