Monday, January 16, 2012


It's all bout what had happened in half of January 2012, i means in January of mine!Not much to share but it still valuable memory, good or bad then it remains the memory.Let start by the new year countdown.(is that can be called countdown or not??...hmmm..countdown the money i guess because we went to the Murni's Restaurant SS2, spent quiet much for just a simple dinner)...
1st January 2012
The plan was unorganized as we suddenly feel like can't stand to be at home while other people seems to be very excited walking to the i-city for the new year celebration.(rumah sewa sgt dekat dengan i-city). At fist the plan is going to the "Ceramah Tahun Baru at Dataran Shah Alam",but since the Ceramah starts as early as 7pm,then the plan changed.The changes reasons are i just arrived at home by 7.30pm from the volleyball training in Uitm, second is i need to wait for bath(someone is using the washroom)grrrr..,3rd is the traffic was terribly unpleasant to whoever also i think.(the cars being parked along the road, jammed here and there.oh! i really can't handle this.I am not patient enough when it was about traffic jammed! ( mulut mesti nak mnyumpah seranah je,,padahal da tau jammed nak kuar better stay at home la kan)...berapa banyak reason daaa...enough then i think...Lets the pictures do the story telling :::::))))
The countdown poster!

Table no 34

we are from left kinah bella and me

Special Chiken chop :)

The best part :: mango pudina with i love u!   

8th January 2012
I went to UIAM Gombak for registration of my little sister, Nasyrahah for her second semester.She is being transferred from Nilai campus the main UIAM campus at Gombak.Nothing much to share but i manage to meet my old-best friend Nonie, having breakfast together then i am rushing drive to Shah Alam.( 9hb saya ade paper ok!).. 

This is the only picture taken while waiting for registration! 


Just that for now :: sleepy oredy::
Salam Isnin untuk semua :)>>FASIHAH ABDULLAH

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hello everyone!! It's 1.05 a.m (my lappy's time)!,, and actually i was about to start open the book (oh no!still got a paper''' for final exam), but come across my mind and feel like want to update this lousy blog...hehehe...The first word out is "PROUD"..haha...Yesterday,,proud to be myself!!hahaha!!!
Can you feel how excited i am???...huwahahaha!!! It was when i finally become no longer a loser' while finding a place that being mapped to me!
What can i say here are ::>>> this actually all my hopes..,
>>what i was thinking about my map's reading skill,
>>my focus while listening,
>>and most important is my internal kinda "inferiority complex" feeling which is still haunting...
I am glad when i feel like it was removed by a thin layer deep inside my thought!
I do have a friend who told me that i am actually not an independent person, then i was totally agreed with him.He also said that i am not having a confidence sense, badly it was true.
(i think)..
shuuuuhhhh..please go away from me...( the bad feeling)
Then the real story is actually the date with my beloved brother at Pertama Complex! haha...(kuno kan???g pertama dating ngan adik)...But i adore much!
The date went well although it was only for 10minutes.haha..what a nice date right,:::come along from shah alam to kuala lumpur just for a 10 minutes date! But it was so real of my brother! A very very simple person i've ever knew!Talk and act only when needed!NEVER changed at all!!!He got a football training session at 3p.m and that moment i met him was at about 2.30 p.m.grrrr...That is the reason why the date just nice like that lor...
The date is purposed for handed me the invitation card of his ' MAJLIS PERBARISAN DIRAJA DAN PENGURNIAAN WATIKAH TAULIAH'...hmmm...just for that ok! brother then...what can i say...(hehe...lucky him ; to have a sister like me right??hahaa)
Then, lets the pictures do the task!
The invitation card!

Hall entering pass!

My companion!
That's all for now!
Salam semangat membara dari saya : FASIHAH ABDULLAH

Friday, January 13, 2012


Hari tetibe je semangat nak update blog.Semuanya tentang voucher rm200..hehe..semua student dapat voucher ni ok.jangan risau.Rasenya dah ramai yang update pasai mendalah ni.Saya pon nak jugak la update.Ape boleh beli dengan voucher ni??
~ Saya pon tak sure sangat tentang barang yang boleh di beli dengan voucer ni tapi mengikut kata rakan2 boleh beli ape saje yang di jual di kedai yang buku yang mane voucher ni valid lah.Pastu dengar pulak cakap2( cakap2 ok xtau betul ke tidak) tapi nak jugak bagutau kat sini, ade yang bagitahu dekat kedai buku popular novel dan cd yang dijual di situ xboleh guna voucher ni, tapi dekat MPH boleh.So mane satu pilihan anda?? Saya jawab TERPULANG!!! Ape-ape pon semoga kita menggunakan voucher' ni sebaik-baiknya.~
~ Buat rakan2 saya di uitm, especially student engineering boleh ambil voucher ni dekat tingkat 5 blok 2 bangunan sains dan teknologi uitm..ha!!habis bahasa melayu dah ni( sebab tadi beli buku dalam bahasa melayu ye)..Ape yang perlu bawa : kad matrik dan kad pengenalan jer :)~
~Ok.Dah penat membebel melalut kita terus je kepada motif entry ni ye.~
Ni la rupe voucher tersebut

Buku pertama yang saya pilih :)

Buku Ke2...

Jeng3!buku ke3..Buku ni mcm da lapuk tapi saya belum baca.So beli lah!

~itulah ceritanya~saya beli buku-buku tersebut kat kedai buku MPH :)

~:: Selamat Membaca::~

Salam tenang dari saya :)
Assalamualaikum..::FASIHAH ABDULLAH:

Sunday, January 8, 2012


What a tremendous scenarios that i have been is not just begin but it was a long time has been haunting me for 5 years and the end of these sickness seems to be is seems like i can't stand it anymore.People keep saying that it's provide a great opportunity to me to stay at night praying, study, housekeeping and so on..but i would rather say only Allah knows everything.
People called it insomnia.Most of the students have been gone through this 'experience', so do i.I never wish this could happened to me, so do them.I want to sleep cause i really need to sleep.In fact i really need enough sleep.Oh! i really don't know what to say, don't know what to do, don't know how long i can manage with this mess, how long i can't stand with this disturbance.
I really want a normal life.Stay at the day sleep at night.People around me can see me sleeping for a long period but in fact my mind is not sleep.I can still hear all the voices around,or even a sniff.but when people told me that i am sleeping like a dead person what can i say.....oh!!i am very pleased not to be in this kind of situation because when i woke up,the tiredness isolated me and these kind of feeling is hard to tell hard to explained.
Sometimes i just ignore this feeling.Just pretending like i am strong enough to handle this.Just going through without any problems seeing. Just kept pretend kept acted like i am having a normal life in fact only ALLAH knows everything.But is ignorance really bliss??????????? yet ALLAH also knows the best answer.
For the time being i am grateful that ALLAH gives me a beautiful life with my family, great experienced to have them, wonderful moment in life with them, colorful growth timeline and the most important thing is the NYAWA that He borrowed to me.
No matter what happened, what ever becoming things i just want to say ALHAMDULILLAH....Thank You ALLAH...Thank You ALLAH...Thank You ALLAH.
Bismillah 'ala kullihal.. and yet ALLAH certainly has HIS own plan.I will always and always remember with all-forgiving is nature of the GOD.
Moga ALLAH permudahkan jalanku.Moga ALLAH murahkan rezekiku,Moga ALLAH mencerahkan hatiku untuk menerima ilmunya. 

SALAM TAK BOLEH TIDUR----------> Fasihah Abdullah

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Dah lame rasenye tak update blog kan...dari tahun lepas lagi kan..hehe..ramai orang buat ayat poyo camtu,so sy pon nak join skali lah...sbenarnya tak ade ape2 cerita menarik pon untuk di kongsi tambahan pula sekarang ni musim report final year project in progress, so maka justeru sy teramatlah sibuk atau bahasa omputehnye busy ( kan tgh prektis tulis report ) kehkehkeh...sibuk sampai hal makan pon tak sempat nak pk..makan tetap makan tapi punye la malas sbenarnya nak g beli barang dapur,sebab kalo sy g beli banyak la habis duitnye,,,rambang mata ok.sume nak makan terliur itu mengidam ini rase nak rase itu nak try beli ini... dah...habis melalut sebagai intro :)
 Tk banyak yang nak di update melainkan dan tidak lain tidak bukan pasal final year project atau lebih dikenali sebagai FYP. Sebut je FYP hati rase tak tenang gelisah bimbang takut.sume ade..berkecamuk.nak tido takut tak siap report, berjaga report tak siap2 dah tak tau nak buat macam mana, dah tak tau nak buat ape>>> Moga ada sinar untukku>> Moga semangat ku kembali seiring datang nya 2012..haha..

Disebabkan otak dah tepu asyik mengadap journal and report je maka sy pon cube la buat aktiviti lain. Sambil menaip report sy berblog walking sy balas komen facebook sy makan sy minum sy maen game (game feveret ialah Chicken word and sudoku) tapi buku sudoku sy dah pon habis selesai di conteng maka chicken word menjadi pilihan hati.Sape2 penah maen game chicken word ni tak?? childish game but i like :)

Skg jam 0325 di skrin lappy sy :) sambil melayan laman web Wardina Safiyyah :) best layan website die.Ni URL die klo sape nak layan :

Ni nak share sket gambar FYP saya.layan gambar lagi bagus sebab saya tgk gambar FYP rase macam fyp dah siap...hahaa...padahal report belambak..ini untuk sedapkan hati je..ape pon layan je la...tak suke jangan tengok..benci jangan baca :)

Bendalah ni name die propeller atau lebih glemer org panggil kipas je lah kat mesia ni

Ni plak name die FUEL pon kali pertama tengok benda alah no 2 ni..

Ni sape tak tau ?hehe,,RC la..or name die panjangnye radio controller

Bendalah no 4 ialah benda berselirat segala bagai ni ..electric component and sensor :)

Dari jauh nye pandangan :) nampak tak kipas tengah pusing? suke!
Ni HYDROGEN TANK : ade hydrogen lah dalam tu...yg nampak tgh pgg RC tu name die Hadi.Thanks ya Hadi tlg set up kan bendalah ni sume
Ni dah boleh baca sendiri kan :)

Ok.pic ni motif die gambar prof Wahyu pakai baju batik beli ka Kelantan :)

Bagi clear sket
Ini plak motor la namenye :)
Ini saya pon tak pasti tapi bendalah berselirat sy namakan :)
Ni ialah ???ape name die tak,,screw la kot..xpon propeller shaft
Lagi bendalah selirat birat

Stand tuk placed experiment set up...
And here we partner my friend my helper :)

Ok sekian dulu untuk entri ni :) senyum tak perlu kata apa-apa :) tapi saya tak suke senyum :)
Salam tahun baru masihi untuk semua :)

with love and hectic life : Fasihah Abdullah