Sunday, May 20, 2012



uhuk uhuk uhuk uhuk...( coughing and coughing non stop ) is the best starter to this entry, not so comfort with this situation but then people say it was the CREATOR's way to show His love to HIS creatures. Then I accept this as the kifarah ( penghapus dosa).
Life must go on even you think nobody is care about you like what i am feeling right now. May be I feel alone because my room mate was not here. She is helping her course mate with their tomorrow event. This moment, i am alone again and it was a very bored night as usual. Whether me or her sometimes we often being alone in the room. When I am staying outside at friend's house, then she will be alone and the other side is like tonight, it's my turn! Never mind as long as I can have online chatting with friend or when the internet coverage is slow and sometimes being no internet access at all, I still manage to watch some movies in my collection which normally i don't ever have free time to watch. Sometimes i just realize that i do have certain movies in my lappy but i never watch that and just realized when i was at home town. Busy is the best word to describe why the collection of movies remains called only collection.Weheheee..
Despite being busy with classes and thesis as well as assignments ( well! it was normal for a person named student! ), i still have precious time to spend with buddies after Syidah's convocation. The celebration continued  with late lunch and ronda-ronda Shah Alam I guess!

Going out for late lunch

kena paksa

konon malu

syidah and her lil bro

Chicken rice at s9 after ambik jubah a day before convocation day

at night before the big day...crazy friend

Mine was Nasi goreng Tomyam...DC je mampu

Nasi goreng ayam kunyit telur mata..Hambik!

Also a day before.Going to JJ bukit Raja (now AEON ) for convocation shoes.

We have nasi ayam at the food court for our lunch!

Convo day.At wong solo s7
Nonie at wong solo

Grilled chiken

Pecel lele namenye...( lele tu ikan keli la kan) u knew it better

Done for now. Convocation cards in the making for EM220 convocation today! Will update soon about today's convocation. Wish to have another blissful day with great weather.Oh Mr sun don't be so arrogant ya!!! Today is more than enough :)

Salam sejahtera semuanya.

Miss you miss all!!!

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