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Last entry I promised to update two entries but then since the internet is very very slow, the uploading process being distracted and it was totally sucks!!! Today again promise to update as many as i do have time and great story of mine to be shared here.

This entry will goes to my best friend's convocation! She is NURUL SYAHIDAH BINTI REMALI who is my ex-school mate in MMP. Alhamdulillah, she is graduated with the first class honor and the most important thing is she don't have to pay for the loan. ( wish to be like that but surely i will not ). Oh forgot! She is the graduated   student of fashion study and the exact course name is I never know bout that! haha...sorry...

The convocation day is on 15th May 2012 ( the first session means in the morning ).

The day is Tuesday and i got classes on that day. It was so uncomfortable to me ( + got some flu and cough)  when i need to attend classes and at the same time need to entertain may best buddies on her big sunny day. But thanks to GOD i manage to attend classes without failed which is normally i failed in doing this. Hahaaa..(teruk kan??)
My first class on that day was at 830-1030 a.m. By 1030 a.m I need to fetch my another best friend (NONIE) at Padang Jawa KTM's station. The class ends earlier as it was ended because my lecture got meeting after that class. Then suddenly my hp vibrated with a message appear on the screen. " Seh, I surely got late because I have something urgent in the morning". So i decided to have brunch alone. Out of class walking to the food court, i met Amir my course mate. He ask me to accompany him to send his final year project draft and i just follow. It's his time and my time will come which is I am surely ask him to accompany me to do the same. Hahahhahaa...That is what a friend for right???
After that i had brunch with Amir at DC. ( again and again at DC because it was the cheapest food court right here in uitm shah alam i think )
Then I back to my room to change clothes and make some room keeping.Hehehe...lipat baju.
Feel very sleepy after brunch. I am about to fall asleep when my Nonie call and told me she will be arrived after 2 stations. ( tak jadi tdo...sepoillll )hahahaa...sorry nie..kekeeee
Fetch Nonie and go to Syidah's convocation!
Then the pictures will story the rest.

Syidah and her brother and her Abah

Her siblings

This is shasha my volleyball friend


Rani also my volleyball friend

Met mama zati. A friend of me :)

Syidah's friends

~US~ friends forever till Jannah :)

That's all for now.This is only one third of the pics taken on that day. (gila camera).

Tadaaa..Happy Graduated My Friend!!!

Salam dream of my own convocation day! Soon this year InshaAllah!

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