Wednesday, June 13, 2012



Talk about life and passion.In my point of view, it is all about our journey to meet The Creator in our own ways which it had been written and all are about ALLAH's plan.How well we planned ALLAH is still the best planner.
I may not the best slave or even the worst one, but deeply in my heart and my soul, I believe and truly believe the ALLAH's promised. Seen or not, awake or sleep the things is this life is only temporary and the death for sure will come and it is just the beginning of the life after.
I don't know what will happen in future of my life.In fact I really do not have any idea what I am going to be soon.All I know is I want to make my parents happy and want to make all the things all good as we wish.
Guilty may be just only a piece of feeling, but honestly I am feeling guilty towards my parents.I think I just being failed to be a good daughter. But then, talk about the life after, surely I was far away like loosing my path.
By just sitting and doing nothing, keep praying for the best is not right thing to do, but this is the real me right know.Mind keep thinking, eyes open, awake and even in my deep sleeping, I can feel my mind keeps thinking.Sometimes feel wants to give up and often exhausted! Mind and body work together to make a lost!!!!
< Pray pray and pray > May ALLAH bless us as a muslim and a mukmin.

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