Thursday, June 7, 2012

::Greatest Love::


Greatest love to be shown on its own ways and the end nor the beginning it is still means LOVE!

Even a hatred comes from a love.How it survives and becomes a hated one still can not vanish the word LOVE!

Deal or not, death or life and what so ever there is still a LOVE!

LOVE sometimes and always being a poetry and also possible to be a killer!!!
-how it is kill loud or silent still can make a kill which is really means kill! It is LOVE! Has its own passion and capabilities-also provides thousands of meaning thus lead to millions of indescribable feeling!!

After the LOVE of ALLAH and RASULULLAH s.a.w ---- it is a MOTHER's LOVE...

I love my mother and I believe so do you all and no matter what had happened or going to be happened I would say I love u UMMI and I will survive because of you! I need to be strong because of U called UMMI!!!

A page a day sounds to be good but I have only less than 5 days for a book of 100 pages. Wish me luck!! Pray for the best!!!

Rabbi Yassir Wala Tu'assir!!! Rabbi tammim bil khair...

Pics google aje... :) senyum dan semoga ada kekuatan!!!

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