Wednesday, September 5, 2012

:: Lebih baik dari tiada ::

Salam Syawal yang masih berbaki.

Tatkala berbosan di rumah sewa kawan ni, update lah sekeping. Tomorrow dah nak ke Penang. After almost 4 years back I'm completed my diploma in UiTM Pulau Pinang and this time would be nice and very right time to have maybe a historical visit there. My lovely friend, Hilmiah is waiting there and my juniors are welcoming me. Harap perjalanan esok lancar dan selamat lah. And the most wanted word to share is RINDU.

Till then, Oh Penang, will miss and always missed.
More than a movie series or even a hundreds episode of drama in Penang soon to be shared here. My Promise!

Latest pic of mine here in Shah Alam.

Room mates for last semester back there in Penang, Kolej Baiduri.

How i miss Penang and all the things there.... millions of words to express makes me speechless ( in term of typo less )!!!

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