Friday, September 14, 2012

:: An Adult Talk ::


Actually, this entry being drafted in Penang but due to the internet connection was so bad, i did not manage
to post another entry right there in Penang. 

Nothing much across in mind and i just copy and paste the draft. How malas I am right???
:: Post this in Shah Alam::

This time is another entry right here from Penang. I was here for a few days and it was such a not so bored holiday as the volleyball covered all the bored things through out the days.
Unplanned holiday with planned activities but the things does not going smooth due to rainy day and the only transportation we have is a red motorcycle( Emy punye). I don't think we can go here and there with baju kurung ( kenduri ) and the worse thing is we actually not familiar with the traffic here in Penang ( kang sesat xpasal2). I stayed with my former classmate, course mate and also my fyp ( read final year project) partner, Hilmiah in a small rental room at Pangsapuri Sutera floor 11, Seberang Jaya Pulau Pinang not far away from the second gate of Uitm Pulau Pinang which is new for me. ( mase saya blajar kat Uitm Penang xde lagi gate tu). Talk about the new development in Uitm Penang, there are lots of new amazed buildings and the most i like is the new library. Really looks like a big building with the latest technology and the design was good. ( cam lam gambar library2 kat Uni kat obersea U!!! ahhaaa ). But so sad is I forgot to take even a pic of them. ( jakun sangat kot) Kuang3.... 
Well, the time is very limited and the different of views and opinions took placed. What i can conclude for this holiday is all about sitting and sharing all the information, a talk of journey of life and it's an adult conversation i guessed as we were already 25 years old and 26. ( hahahaa...sedar diri ok)
Despite being a little bit frustrated because of can't make my self to "Busu's wedding day", we shared lots of things and the most wonderful experience from Emy when she was in Mecca perform her 'Umrah'. How jealous I am!!!
 Oh ! This entry is all about my jealousy! Well, I think it would be nice if this jealousy makes me more struggle to have and experience at least the same things as my friend's had.
Pray for one day I can make my self to Baitullah. Ameen.
I do have some pictures from Penang. Better than nothing kan???
Here they are!!!
A selebet picture of me!!

U know who is Emy right????

This place called " laman siswa" of Uitm Penang. Dulu suka lepak sini jugak..ade wireless..heheee

Tgh merempit nak amek pic signboard sbenarnye...xnampak plak...U can see the driver and the passenger  via the side
mirror!! Lalalalla 

Enough for now. My stomach is singing and dancing and i think instant mee is waiting for me. LOL

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