Monday, January 16, 2012


It's all bout what had happened in half of January 2012, i means in January of mine!Not much to share but it still valuable memory, good or bad then it remains the memory.Let start by the new year countdown.(is that can be called countdown or not??...hmmm..countdown the money i guess because we went to the Murni's Restaurant SS2, spent quiet much for just a simple dinner)...
1st January 2012
The plan was unorganized as we suddenly feel like can't stand to be at home while other people seems to be very excited walking to the i-city for the new year celebration.(rumah sewa sgt dekat dengan i-city). At fist the plan is going to the "Ceramah Tahun Baru at Dataran Shah Alam",but since the Ceramah starts as early as 7pm,then the plan changed.The changes reasons are i just arrived at home by 7.30pm from the volleyball training in Uitm, second is i need to wait for bath(someone is using the washroom)grrrr..,3rd is the traffic was terribly unpleasant to whoever also i think.(the cars being parked along the road, jammed here and there.oh! i really can't handle this.I am not patient enough when it was about traffic jammed! ( mulut mesti nak mnyumpah seranah je,,padahal da tau jammed nak kuar better stay at home la kan)...berapa banyak reason daaa...enough then i think...Lets the pictures do the story telling :::::))))
The countdown poster!

Table no 34

we are from left kinah bella and me

Special Chiken chop :)

The best part :: mango pudina with i love u!   

8th January 2012
I went to UIAM Gombak for registration of my little sister, Nasyrahah for her second semester.She is being transferred from Nilai campus the main UIAM campus at Gombak.Nothing much to share but i manage to meet my old-best friend Nonie, having breakfast together then i am rushing drive to Shah Alam.( 9hb saya ade paper ok!).. 

This is the only picture taken while waiting for registration! 


Just that for now :: sleepy oredy::
Salam Isnin untuk semua :)>>FASIHAH ABDULLAH


  1. Jam2x...
    As I thought, waktu itu baik duduk rumah bagi yang tidak mahu merasai enjoynya berjalan-jalan time jam. :p

    BTW, tahniah to ur sis, berjaya masuk UIAM. Perjuangan itu baru bermula :)

  2. hehe..tau xpe..dan padan muke jgk untuk sy sb otw balik tersangatlah jammed dan sy plak nk g toilet...arghhh..tensen3...nk nangis je ase..huhu...ape pon selamat sampai jua akhirnya...pegi kl 30 minit...perjalanan balik 2 jam