Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hello everyone!! It's 1.05 a.m (my lappy's time)!,, and actually i was about to start open the book (oh no!still got a paper''' for final exam), but come across my mind and feel like want to update this lousy blog...hehehe...The first word out is "PROUD"..haha...Yesterday,,proud to be myself!!hahaha!!!
Can you feel how excited i am???...huwahahaha!!! It was when i finally become no longer a loser' while finding a place that being mapped to me!
What can i say here are ::>>> this actually all my hopes..,
>>what i was thinking about my map's reading skill,
>>my focus while listening,
>>and most important is my internal kinda "inferiority complex" feeling which is still haunting...
I am glad when i feel like it was removed by a thin layer deep inside my thought!
I do have a friend who told me that i am actually not an independent person, then i was totally agreed with him.He also said that i am not having a confidence sense, badly it was true.
(i think)..
shuuuuhhhh..please go away from me...( the bad feeling)
Then the real story is actually the date with my beloved brother at Pertama Complex! haha...(kuno kan???g pertama dating ngan adik)...But i adore much!
The date went well although it was only for 10minutes.haha..what a nice date right,:::come along from shah alam to kuala lumpur just for a 10 minutes date! But it was so real of my brother! A very very simple person i've ever knew!Talk and act only when needed!NEVER changed at all!!!He got a football training session at 3p.m and that moment i met him was at about 2.30 p.m.grrrr...That is the reason why the date just nice like that lor...
The date is purposed for handed me the invitation card of his ' MAJLIS PERBARISAN DIRAJA DAN PENGURNIAAN WATIKAH TAULIAH'...hmmm...just for that ok! brother then...what can i say...(hehe...lucky him ; to have a sister like me right??hahaa)
Then, lets the pictures do the task!
The invitation card!

Hall entering pass!

My companion!
That's all for now!
Salam semangat membara dari saya : FASIHAH ABDULLAH

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