Sunday, March 25, 2012

The March Twenty Twelve


It has been quiet long without any entry ; 
busy of jobless during the semester break, there was no internet connection at home ( no disturbance at all ), 
new semester with the broken lappy' ( oh this one really made me heartless to do anything ) then the most common reason is 'malas sebenarnya.

Tapi tetiba je hari ni rase macam rajin je nak update blog bersawang ni.hehee..
Entry cerita January blom bersambung, ni dah March, so kite rojak- rojak lah ye.
Bila sebut Jan nye cerita lupe pon ade, tapi the event happened xlupe la.One of them is going to Kuala Kubu Baru for little sis Na's KHATAM. Nothing much to be write here but we really enjoyed the short trip, stopped at Cameron Highland for sight seeing, having great dinner with Na's adopted family, playing around with super cute and brilliant little caliph Nawfal and the rest was the driving moment before we safely arrived at hometown.
Jom tgk gambar je la k :)

Na and her mama and kak yong..adika de blkng..heee

View at Darul Quran Kuala Kubu Baru

 Tu je la dulu...mau tdo sudah :) 
Salam 5.20 pagi :)
with sleepy head sleepy eye :--> Fafabaek86 

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