Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Book Of Yesterday

Waaa..da lame xupadate blog ni…waktu2 mcm ni la seswai nk upadate blog..entry  pon br la ase meriah sket..

18th December 2010…
Not forgotten and not too late to wish happy newly wed to SAIZATUL MAHERAN and her partner. Wish both of u happily ever after and will be blessed forever!

Also not forgotten, happy engaged to a friend of mine, NURUL IMANI FAUZI n her fiancée. Just got this news from “facebook”.     Mabruk ‘alaikuma.

She gorgeous!! (I curik pic from anal’s album)hehehe..Thanks analhuda..eventho amek pic ni without any permission)
This entry is “ROJAK”..hehee. as I have too many things to share, but yet don’t know where to start .Is currently manage and rephrase the idea…cepat2…kuar cepat wahai encik tgh bersemangat mao berblog..

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